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…The Book Of Spam is doing Toastvertising?


How do you advertise for a book about SPAM?

Easy; Use SPAM’s closest friend: Toast.

Toastvertising is the result, and it comes form the same people that brought you the Human Flipbook, so you know it’s going to be good.

In this case, the old saying held true: The medium was definitely also the message.



…Tamar Levine documents Hollywood?

Tamar Levine - Michael JacksonTamar Levine takes photos of the strange and interesting people that gather in front of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, pretending to be famous pop culture characters. (Spider-Man, Michael Jackson, Jack Sparrow, Luke Skywalker, Elvis Presley, Etc.)

Apparently, “these are full-time freelance careers for a fiercely territorial group of eccentrics who often take their celebrity alter-egos with them well after they’ve left Hollywood Blvd”.

Definitely a must see gallery.

[Flickr – Hollywood Blvd. Characters]

[Tamar Levine Photography]


…Digg wants to show you the pics?

Digg Pics

When Digg added an Images category to the site, they also added a new program to their Digg Labs called Pics.

As images are submitted or Dugg, they move from the left to the right of the screen in columns by category.

Though, as with all Digg Labs products, it’s of limited use in terms of speeding up the Digg process, it does give an interesting look into the always changing, evolving, and updating world of Digg, as well as Digg trends in real time, so it’s definitely worth a look.

[Digg Labs – Pics]

[Via: Mashable]

…Line Rider is real?

What would the Line Rider do if he had a bit of freedom?

I’d imagine something like this:

[Via: Mixx]

…JK Keller created Sign Language Matchbooks?

JK Keller - Sign Language Matchbooks

JK Keller took matchbooks that he found on the street and turned them into a series of American Sign Language hands.

Definitely a unique and interesting idea.

[JK Keller – Sign Language Matchbooks]