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…Facebook can tell stories?

Facebook as a story telling medium is a new and interesting concept. Here’s the story of a modern day romance with Facebook’s News Feed used as the narrative device:

(Just make sure to read it top to bottom, not bottom to top like it would be on Facebook.)

Facebook Story

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…It’s Movie Monday: Aliens Sweded Edition?

Aliens Sweded Edition

What’s better than the Aliens movie?

The Sweded Edition of the Aliens movie.

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

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…The Internet is having a balloon race?

Orange is hosting the World’s first Internet Balloon Race, and DidntYouHear is taking part.

I’ve entered P-Nut the raccoon into the race (you should be able to see him in the bottom left of the screen), and is a destination that racers can stop at to earn “miles” during the race. Then, the person with the most miles at the end of the wins a trip to Ibiza.

If you’d like to participate in the race, just click on P-Nut and it should take you to the Orange site where you can sign up and get your own balloon to race.

Hurry though, because the race ends in just four days.

[Orange – World’s First Internet Balloon Race]


…Dirty t-shirt wrapping helps sell detergent?

T-Shirt Detergent Ad

Here’s an interesting way to advertise a detergent: Wrap it in a t-shirt that the postal service will inevitably ruin, and then have the recipient use the product to remove the stains from the shirt packaging.


[Frederik Samuel]


…Retro Reality brings video games to life?

Retro Reality Excite Bike

RETROnoob’s Retro Reality series of photos is a wildly imaginative idea.

By taking classic video game characters and Photoshopping them into actual pictures, they take on a realism that is somewhat creepy yet definitely cool.

[deviantART – RETROnoob – Retro Reality]

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