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…DYH wishes you a Happy 4th of July?

To help get you in the mood for independence, here’s a great ‘Fireworks’ animation from PES:

…It’s Movie Monday: AT-AT Day Afternoon?

Patrick Boivin must be a wizard, because his short, called AT-AT Day Afternoon, is just plain magical.

Makes you want one, doesn’t it?

…It’s Movie Monday: Drift?

Drift is a short that combines digital stills into a stop motion animation, but in a way that I’ve never seen done before.

It’s rather hard to describe, so I suggest that you watch it and see what I mean:

…Scanners can tell stories?

Memoirs of a Scanner is a short film that was shot entirely on the bed of a Canon scanner, one scan at a time.

Despite those limitations (or perhaps because of them) the story is rather interesting, and makes you wonder just what the scanners of the world are privy to exactly:

…A day in PARIS is enough?

A day in PARIS is an impressive short from Benoit Millot that combines video with CGI animation to tell the story of a robot and his tour through the city.