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Josh Vietti Plays Hip Hop Violin

Josh Vietti plays a mean Hip Hop Violin. Yup; you read that right. Hip Hop. Violin.


…Tim Knol is king?

The music video for Tim Knol’s When I Am King uses a combination of stop motion and pyrography, or the soldering of images onto wood, to create a very new and unique look that works quite well for the desired effect:

If you liked the video, you can see more about how they made it HERE.

[Via: Josh Spear]

…Ze Frank wants you to chillout?


Ze Frank received an email from a woman named Laura who had recently moved to a new city for a new job. Laura was overwhelmed with anxiety, and asked Ze to write her a song to help her calm down.

After a bit of back and forth (which Ze published on his site, and I recommend you read) the song Chillout was born, and it’s now available for download for anyone that needs a song to relax to.

[Ze Frank – Chillout]

…OK Go takes you behind the scenes of This Too Shall Pass?

Interactive Floor Map

OK Go’s This Too Shall Pass was one of the most amazing Rube Goldberg machines ever created, and if you found yourself wondering how they managed to pull it all together, then check out the interactive floor map they have created which includes photos, videos, a detailed map of the warehouse and interesting facts about the build.

[This Too Shall Pass – Floor Plan]

…This Too Shall Pass?

Chances are, you’ve already seen OK Go’s new video for This Too Shall Pass, but their Rube Goldberg machine is a MUST SEE (and you know how much I love Rube Goldberg machines on DYH) so just in case, here it is: