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…DRM makes people pirate?

Pirate Bird

Ever wonder what causes people to go over to the dark side of music piracy. One avid music lover named Jarrett wrote a letter called “How I Became A Music Pirate”, describing his downfall from a $20,000 music collection, to copying friends’ CDs. Best quote of the letter (when describing DRM):

    Could you imagine the consumer response if Coke could only be consumed from specific Coke-approved equipment, and then only in the specific ways that the folks at Coke wanted the product to be consumed. “drinking Coke with fast food is no problem, but we must warn you that your license forbids the mixing of Coke with any alcoholic beverages…”

Looks like the dark ships of piracy have captured another.

[How I Became A Music Pirate]

[Photo Via: Burnsland]