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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Golf GTI W12 650?

Golf GTI W12 650

Volkswagen’s latest concept car is crazy. Dubbed the Golf GTI W12 650, it features a 6.0L biturbo W12, and puts out a time warping 650 horses and 530 ft lbs of torque through the 6-speed automatic tranny. The doors, hood and lights are the same as a standard GTI, but the rest was dipped in a big tank of carbon fiber delight to create a beefier new look.

VW GTI Detail

One of the more unique features of this colossal creation is a carbon fiber roof that acts as a giant diffuser to generate downforce at the reported 201 mph top speed. All together, it’s lower, wider, sexier, and angrier, and I just hope that someone at VW accidentally presses the big red ‘production’ button so we can see this beast on the streets.

[Via: Autoblog]