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…Washing your hands can be fun again?


For some good clean fun, check out the SquidSoap, designed to teach kids the value of having clean hands when they are mining for nose gold or picking up presents the dog leaves for the family. An ink marker on the top of the soap dispenser puts a squid ink sucker mark on your hand when you press the pump to dispense soap. After 15-20 seconds (apparently the time most doctors recommend, though I’ve been using the ‘if it’s all wet it’s all good’ method) the ink washes off, leaving you clean hands in more ways than one. According to the site, kids love it because it makes hand washing a game (winner is the first with prune hands), and the squid sitting atop the soap dispenser is also a toy for after cleanliness fun. Plus, “A study in 305 schools shows that children who wash their hands at least 4 times a day miss 30% less school than children who don’t wash as frequently”, and that study is right 60% of the time, every time. If I were a kid, the ink marker would be the toy and the walls of the bathroom my canvas, but then that’s just me.


…Shotgun-turrets will be a standard option on the 2008 Hummer H9?

Hammer Shotgun-turret
For times when just one shotgun isn’t enough, and you don’t want to put forward the effort of actually carrying the thing around (they do get heavy you know), comes the Hammer H2X-40 Shotgun-Turret System. This thing is un-freaking-believable. Its got twin 20 round magazines, fires 3 inch shells, and can be used to fire “grenade” rounds. Not too sure what those are, but they sound like a blast. All of this is controlled from inside your tank/SUV via a joystick, for that true first person shooter feel. Apparently designed for the military and civil defense groups, I’ll be checking eBay for one to pop up so I can play the ultimate live action duck hunt game.


…You can finally experience that Ferrari you use to get groceries?

Porsche At The Country Club

The thrill of the open road, the sound of an engine at full throttle, the colors of the scenery flying by, and the drinks at the clubhouse afterwards. The first three are well known to driving enthusiasts, but a new breed of automotive country clubs is trying to change the way people enjoy their overpriced toys. Requiring only a need for speed, a car fast enough to fill that need, and a safety check on both you and your check book, these clubs offer not just races, but open drive time where you can enjoy the often suppressed feelings of speed in an age of speed traps and cameras. They feature clubhouses, garages, go-kart tracks, skid pads, and many more of the features car fanatics can usually only dream of. So skip out of work early, fire up your Ford GT, and tear up a perfectly good set of tires while still getting home in time for dinner. Heaven can wait; I’m gong to the track.

[Via: Forbes Auto]

…The battle between Mac and Windows has been settled once, but not for all?

With Apple launching the latest verbal assault on Vista today at the WWDC, the battle between Apple and Windows is becoming bloodier by the day. Website attempts to settle once and for all “which operating system would offer users a richer out-of-the-box experience”. They use over 100 different topics for comparison, and evaluate each using what they term “truth and objectivity”. Makes me wonder what type of computer they wrote the article on. Scratch that, regardless, it was probably written using Word, although that’s not provided with either “out-of-the-box”. Oh well, let the battle continue. If you’re thinking about purchasing either, this may be the guide for you. Otherwise, check it out for the very least to see which one has better GUI and why.


…Pissing off pigeons doesn’t have to be ugly?

New York Pigeon
Swiss design team Martino D’Esposito and Alexandre Gaillard have created a new and aesthetically pleasing way to piss off pigeons that have become a foul (no pun intended) problem for buildings across the land. Called Pigeon Repulsive, these laser cut silhouettes of New York, Paris, and Lausanne can be attached to the edges of buildings, replacing the skewers that are currently used for repelling duties and adding a little style to the otherwise slab sided building. Though just a concept, I wonder why something like this isn’t used currently.