…Pumpkins should be extreme?


Gunshot Pumpkin

Puking Pumpkin

Flaming Pumpkin

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to get out the old kitchen knives and hack at the ole pumpkin till a happy face appears and you can call it a day, right? The guys at Extreme Pumpkins say wrong. They’ve taken pumpkin carving, thrown in a little art, added some pyrotechnics, and created something that is sure to scare the kiddies away from even approaching your front door without a firm grip on a parent’s hand. On their site, they feature design tips, carving patterns, pyrotechnic options, and even a recipe for roasting the pumpkin seeds after you’re done carving your creatures. Definitely a must do this holiday season.

[Extreme Pumpkins]

[Via: ReadyMade Blog]