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…Some news stories don’t need many words?

Here are two pictures that tell quite a tale:

Gibson And Boo Boo

The first is Gibson and Boo Boo, the world’s tallest and the world’s smallest dog, meeting for the first time in Sacramento, California for Guinness World Records Day, 2007. On his hind legs, Gibson stands at over 7 feet tall, while Boo Boo checks in at just 4.9 inches.

Banana Shoreline

The second is the shoreline of two Dutch North Sea islands after six containers of bananas fell off of a cargo ship during a storm and washed ashore. After the spill, the shoreline was bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

[Dogs Via: Spluch]

[Bananas Via: Yahoo!]

...Quest for the Crown is interesting? - Didn't You Hear...

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…Quest for the Crown is interesting?

Quest For The Crown

I wouldn’t say that Quest for the Crown is the most difficult game, but I might say that it is the most…unique?

Give it a go and see what you think.

(Tip: Play it through a few times and then see what you think.)

[Quest for the Crown]

[Via: Neatorama]

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