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…Project 7 has great packaging?

Project 7 Water

Remember Project 7, the non-profit that was going to change the world one product at a time?

Well they’re well on their way to becoming a charitable force with the new line of waters and gums that are available now or coming soon to a store near you, and The Dieline has more information about the packaging and the decisions that went into each one.

Project 7 Gum

Featuring the seven missions of Project 7 on the labels, each package tells a little bit of the Project 7 story, and you can then buy the label that matches the cause that you care about most, or spread out the love to help out each cause equally.

It might not be much, but every little bit counts, so if you’re going to buy water and gum anyways, why not buy the water and gum that goes to help out those in need?

[Project 7]

[The Dieline – Project 7]

…Gums have been ranked?

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum fans rejoice!

New York Magazine has teamed up with WD-50 to chew through 132 different kinds of gum to determine which bubblegum, fruit and mint flavored gum is the best, based on mouthfeel, bulk, flavor intensity, and “the general pleasure of the squish-squish sensation going on between our teeth”.

Did your chew of choice make the cut?

Click through to find out.

[New York Magazine – Taste Test: Gum]

[Via: YumSugar]

...Shaving can change your life? - Didn't You Hear...

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…Shaving can change your life?


Wet shaving can improve your health, save you money, help the environment, and make you feel better about yourself by doing something that you already do every day, so why aren’t you doing it?

More than likely, it’s because you don’t know how.

To help you on this epic quest into the land of the clean shave, John Koontz from the Badger & Blade forum has written a great guest post over at Zen Habits called, “Shaving: How a Double-edge Razor Can Change Your Life”.

The quick how-to that the article gives is simple, and should have you shaving face in no time.

Just remember to stock up on styptic pencils…

[Zen Habits – Shaving: How a Double-edge Razor Can Change Your Life]

[Badger & Blade]

[Photo Via: Koshyk]

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