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…Dice rolling is hard?

GamesByEmail.com needed a way to create thousands of dice rolls each day that would be equally random, so it created the Dice-O-Matic, a machine that is able to randomly roll up to 1.3 million die per day!

The machine is surprisingly simple, and uses a central conveyor belt that runs up a column to lift the dice past a camera, which records the numbers, and then down a chute where they roll and tumble to ensure complete randomness:

And you thought your 20-sided D&D dice were difficult to handle!

[Via: Gizmodo]

…You may have been exposed to D.&D. early in life?

Dungeons And Dragon Flowchart

Anyone that’s ever spent time rolling a 20-sided-die as part of an epic Dungeons and Dragons match (D.&D. for those in the know) should check The New York Times’ flowchart for those that have been exposed to D.&D. early in life.

Where did you end up?

[The New York Times – Flowchart: Exposed To D.&D. Early In Life]

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