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…You’ve got to hand it to Toyota?

Toyota’s got the “Human Touch” with their new advertisement. Featuring ergonomic people functioning as important automotive devices, it’s guaranteed to both entertain and slightly creep you out, just like a real Camry does.

[Via: Autoblog]

…Saw III is gong viral on YouTube?

LionsGate has found a way to capitalize on YouTube viewership with their new viral ad for Saw III. Can you figure out what the code means?

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…Dominos are worth their weight in gold?

Though I’m always a fan of a good dominos film, I’ve never had the patience to set up any kind of monster line myself. Someone at Dare Digital with quite a bit more waiting skill than I possess must have set up this advertisement then, because balancing 10,000 coins on their edge doesn’t sound like a fun job at all. Continuity cuts be damned, this video is a keeper.

[Dare Digital]

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…Thomas Baekdal makes cool car advertisements?

Ford GT Budweiser

Ford GT Flames

Ford GT Pink Panther

Ford GT Pooh

Thomas Baekdal is the master of the Photoshoped Car Advertisement. Thankfully, he’s put together a nice tutorial on how to make them yourself. Sadly, you don’t own a Ford GT so you can’t see some of his best work come to life.

[Thomas Baekdal]

[Thomas Baekdal – Tutorial]

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…M&M’s made a game of finding 50 dark movies in a painting?

Dark Painting

M&M’s will soon be available in a dark chocolate variety, and to advertise, they have created a game where inside of a picture there are 50 “dark” movies represented by metaphors (visual riddle). The painting is actually pretty unique and artsy looking, and it’s definitely a challenge to find all 50. If you consider yourself a movie buff, then try your hand at this game; it may be harder than you’d think.

[M&M’s Dark Chocolate Movies]

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