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…Twhirl might be the best Twitter client?


Twhirl is an Adobe Air based Twitter client that runs on both Windows and Macs, and features the following:

  • Connects to multiple Twitter accounts
  • Notifications on new tweets
  • Shorten long URLs (using snurl or is.gd)
  • Cross-post updates to Pownce and Jaiku
  • Post images to TwitPic
  • Search tweets (using TweetScan or terraminds)
  • Timeline filtering
  • Localized to English, German, Italian and Spanish
  • Color schemes
  • Automatically check for new versions

While I’m currently a fan of Twitterrific, I’ve started to use Twhirl on the Windows based work computer, and definitely like the feature set. It’s easy to use, unobtrusive, and gives you plenty of customization. Plus, Adobe is pushing hard to get developers to work with Air, so there’s a lot of support there for future developments as well.

Maybe it’s time to give Twhirl a whirl.


…Lenovo thinks the MacBook Air is just hot air?

The Art Of Thin

I love when companies directly target other companies with their advertising (unless I’m caught in the middle of it) so this “Art of Thin” advertisement for the new Lenovo ThinkPad X300 is a fantastic shot directly at Apple’s MacBook Air (Or, according to the ad, “hot air”.)

Will Apple return fire?

[Lenovo ThinkPad X300]

[Via: CrunchGear]

…MacBooks are available as other elements?

MacBook Elements

Now that the MacBook Air is out, what about the rest of the elements?

To see what Apple might have in store, DVICE has created a line of alternative MacBooks, including a MacBook Earth, a MacBook Fire, and a MacBook Water.

It’s like Captain Planet Computing!

[DVICE – MacBook Elements]

…You can add bluetooth to your iPod?

Bluetooth iPod

With the launch of Apple’s Air, they’re basically telling the world that wires are soon going to be a thing of the past.

If you’re already ready to jump on that wireless bandwagon, then perhaps it’s time to do a bit of modding.

By adding a Bluetooth dongle to your 4G iPod (you’ll need a steady hand and some decent soldering skills), you can create an iPod with internal Bluetooth capabilities.

(It also converts your iPod over to flash memory, so it’s a bit of a two-for-one deal.)

Join the revolution!

[Instructables – Internal Bluetooth iPod]