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…Books can come to life?

This video, called “Going West”, was created for the New Zealand Book Council to help promote the fact that good books can literally come to life:

If all books read themselves in a kick-ass voice and animated their story using a mix of stop motion and paper craft, I’m guessing I’d probably read more!

…It’s Movie Monday: Zapping?


Zapping is a cute short about a little creature and his quest to turn on the TV:

…It’s Movie Monday: Yankee Gal?

Yankee Gal

Yankee Gal is a fantastically animated short from Supinfocom that tells the tale of a doomed pilot and his final thoughts.

[Yankee Gal]

…It’s Movie Monday: Oktapodi?


Oktapodi was recently nominated for an Oscar for Animated Short Film, and I can see why!

The story is quick and cute, the animation is fantastic, and it’s got a very unique style that sets it apart from the rest.



[Wikipedia – Oktapodi]

[Via: Motionographer]

…It’s TGI Friday: Crappy Cat?

Crappy Cat

Crappy Cat is a fantastically interactive and animated sidescroller from VanBeater, better known as Trevor Van Meter. (Trevor also made Fly Guy.)

More experience than game, Crappy Cat puts you in control of a heavy drinking cat with an eye patch as you make your way through the interactive theater.

I won’t spoil any of the surprise, since you definitely need to check it out for yourself, so click through and see what the Crappy Cat is all about!

[Crappy Cat]

[Via: Drawn!]