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…DQM and Oakley are makin’ bacon?

Bacon Oakleys

DQM (AKA Dave’s Quality Meat) has teamed up with Oakley to create 50 pairs of bacon-themed Frogskin sunglasses.

Who knew fashion could be so delicious?

[DQM – Bacon Frogskins]

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…It’s Website Wednesday: This Is Why You’re Fat?

This Is Why You're Fat

This Is Why You’re Fat is a blog that’s chronicling all of the silly foods that people make in the name of deliciousness, along with the weird ways people figure out to pack the most calories into a single meal. (Or in many cases, a single bite!)

Fat Food

Recent notable creations include deep fried peanut butter-covered brownie wrapped in cookie dough, and entire package of Double Stuf Oreo cream packed between two cookies, and a double bacon hamburger fatty melt that uses bacon-stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches for buns and two four-ounce beef patties for meat.

It’s guaranteed to either make you hungrier than you’ve ever been before, or sick enough to skip eating for a week, but either way, your stomach will never forgive you.

[This Is Why You’re Fat]

…Bacon Blankets are perfect for sandwiches?

Bacon Blanket

The Bacon Blanket is the perfect answer to the “How can I cover my sandwich with the optimal amount of bacon?” question.

Can you think of a better way?

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…Bacon makes a great gift?

Bacon Gifts

Mr. Baconpants has published a gift guide that’s definitely…unique.

Called the Bacon Lovers Gift Guide, it features bacon related novelty gifts and books that would be perfect for the meat fan in your life.

Bacon flavored air freshener, anyone?

[Mr. Baconpants – Bacon Lovers Gift Guide]

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…It’s TGI Friday: Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Bacon Chocolate Chip CookieWant to try something different this weekend?

How about adding bacon to your chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Why not, right?

According to the author/cook, the “cookies are DELICIOUS”, and they definitely look like a conversation starter, so if you’re having trouble believing someone that would put bacon in their cookie batter, then bake your own batch and see for yourself.

Sounds like a pretty sweet weekend project to me…

[Ooh You Tasty Little Things – Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies]

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