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…You can turn your bagel into a Möbius strip?

Mobius Bagel

Apparently if you cut a bagel just right, and give it a special twist when you open it, your can turn your breakfast into the mathmatic art piece known as the Möbius strip.

As an added bonus, there’s slightly more surface area than a standard bagel cut, so you’ll get extra cream cheese on there as well.

[Mathematically Correct Breakfast]

[Via: Serious Eats: New York]

…CD spindles are great for holding bagels?

CD Bagel

Some people just see the world a little different. Most of us would look at an empty CD spindle and just see garbage, but Flickr user pkwa looked at it and saw a better use: bagel sandwich holder. Just account for the post in the middle when you’re making your sandwich (cuts holes into your meat and keep the sauce out of the middle), and you’ve got a great way to keep everything together and unsquished until it’s time to enjoy your creation. Eat up.

[Flickr – Bagel To Go]

[Via: Slashfood]