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…Delta is giving their planes new colors?

Delta 747-400

When Delta Air Lines bought Northwest Airlines for $2.6 billion, it acquired 436 planes, including Airbus A330s, DC-9s, and 16 Boeing 747-400s, making it one of the only domestic airlines to fly the jumbo jet.

The only problem: All of them were painted in NWA colors. (Or livery as they call it in the airline industry.)

To fix that problem, Delta will spend more than two years painting more than 40,000 gallons of paint on their new birds, but it’s hard to picture what a 12 day paint job looks like on a plane the size of a football field, so Delta has put together a time-lapse video of the whole process that cuts it down to just three minutes:

What interesting is that at time-lapse speed, the painters on cherry pickers look like the arms of a robot, and the whole process becomes a well choreographed dance that makes it look easy.

[Delta Blog]

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…44 little people can tow a DC-10?

Little People

I was impressed that a Touareg could tow a Boeing 747, but then I found out that 44 little people could pull a DC-10. In Man vs. Beast, a Fox reality TV show, 44 little people squared off against an 8,800-pound elephant to see who could pull the airplane faster. Not surprisingly, the elephant won, but I wonder how it would have faired against the Volkswagen.

[Fox Reality – Man vs. Beast]

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…Volkswagen’s Touareg can tow a 747 on video?

DYH reported earlier that a Volkswagen Touareg can tow a 747, but now, just for the doubters, here’s some video proof:

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…The Touareg can tow a 747?


A stock Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI “lightly modified” with an additional 15,498 lbs. of ballast weight, a 4.56 axle from a V8 Touareg, and a special tow adapter (the engine, transmission, suspension, tires and brakes were all left stock), successfully towed a Boeing 747 (155 tons) in low ratio, second gear. Up next: Volkswagen successfully tows the Earth into reverse orbit.

[Via: Autoblog]