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…The Sony Bravia-drome is impressive?


Sony’s Bravia ads have never failed to amaze (see Bunnies, Pyramids, Dominos, Paint and Balls) so it should come as no surprise that their new ad is no different.

Called the Bravia-drome, it’s the world’s largest zoetrope that Sony built to show off the smooth motion of their 200Hz Motionflow technology.


[Via: AdRants]

…Sony wows once again with Domino City?

Domino City

A few days ago, I was wondering what the next Sony Bravia ad would be, and then as if on cue, one arrived!

Called the Domino City, it features hundreds of colorful dominoes falling through a city in India:

And like all good ad campaigns should, there’s also a behind the scenes if you’d like more info on how this was made:

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…Plastic balls are a beautiful way to protest?

After being undoubtedly inspired by Sony’s Bravia commercial, Graziano Cecchini (the same guy that dyed the Trevi Fountain red) sent thousands of plastic balls down the Spanish Stairs in Rome as a means of protest.

I guess the question is: Why can’t all protests be this beautiful?

[Contra Costa Times – Art Stunt Lends Color To Spanish Steps]

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…Sony and Apple share?

Sony And Apple

Why waste a good idea?

Apparently, Sony (which recently ripped off the bunnies for their latest Bravia ad) felt that Apple’s iPod arrangement was going to be too tough to beat, so they just replaced the Nanos with their own DSC-T2 cameras for their latest press photos.

Don’t feel too bad for Apple though, as they’ve been known to do the same thing from time to time as well.

I guess they should both feel flattered; right?

[Via: Engadget]

[Engadget – Apple’s Little Problem With Ripping Off Artists]

…Bravia also covered the pyramids?

Though the bunnies are still in the spotlight, Sony has created another beautiful Bravia ad that is slipping by relatively unnoticed.

Supposedly made exclusively for the Egyptian market, this ad features one of the Great Pyramids getting covered in string in a very Sony way.

It’s an amazing ad, which is why I wonder about the lack of publicity.

Regardless, here you go:

[Via: Adverblog]