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…You can turn your bagel into a Möbius strip?

Mobius Bagel

Apparently if you cut a bagel just right, and give it a special twist when you open it, your can turn your breakfast into the mathmatic art piece known as the Möbius strip.

As an added bonus, there’s slightly more surface area than a standard bagel cut, so you’ll get extra cream cheese on there as well.

[Mathematically Correct Breakfast]

[Via: Serious Eats: New York]

…It’s Movie Monday: Do Bem Juice?

Do Bem

Think your breakfast has beat?

Check out this stop motion ad for Do Bem fruit juice to see what a truly musical breakfast looks like:


…McDonald’s is growing their billboards?

McDonald\'s Salad Billboard

To help promote its new health-conscious menu items, McDonald’s created a billboard that lets the message grow to speak for itself.

The board, which featured 1 ½ inch sprouts from 16 kinds of lettuce that grew into lush leaves, spelled out the words “Fresh Salads” using only plants, and sent a simple yet unique message that gets its point across nicely:

Another similar yet unique McDonald’s billboard was the breakfast sundial that used the sun to place the McDonald’s M over different breakfast items through out the day:

[Via: Chicago Business]

…Pancakes are for your face?

Pancakes II: Pancakes For Your Face is a fantastic stop motion film about the easiest way to make breakfast: Magic.

According to the creator, it took about 90 hours to film and edit the 2,500 frames of animation, though after watching the results, I’d say it was worth it:

…Eggs and bacon don’t last forever?

Bacon And Egg Experiment

Here’s an interesting if not somewhat useless scientific experiment: What happens if you put a piece of bacon and a raw egg into a sealed lexan box? I’m not going to ruin the result, but it’s actually pretty interesting. Just don’t plan on reading this article before breakfast, things might not go as planned.

[Bacon Tomb]

[Via: The Presurfer]