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…It’s Things Thursday: Paul Smith Fisheye No2 Camera?

Paul Smith Fisheye No2 Camera

Paul Smith and Lomography Cameras have teamed up to create the Paul Smith Fisheye No2 Camera, a camera that takes 180 degree, wide-angle images with a “stunning” fisheye barrel distortion effect.

With a bulb setting for long exposures, a switch for multiple exposures on the same frame, and the ability to fire both a hotshoe flash or the built in flash, it’s got all the features a lomographer could ever hope for.

Plus, with a true fisheye viewfinder, full metal jacket body, and signature Paul Smith milti-stripe design, it looks good too while you take good looking pictures.

[Paul Smith – Fisheye No2]

[Via: Like Cool]

…Flashlights can be modified?

With a simple bulb and battery replacement, you can make your $5 grocery store flashlight brighter than a $100 SureFire flashlight.

You’ll need to be careful with the finished flashlight, because the extra power is going to create extra heat that will melt everything if you’re not careful, but for a fun, quick, and useful project, this can’t be beat.

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[Via: Lifehacker]