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…Busted Tees is having a Super Tuesday Sale?

Busted Tees Super Tuesday Sale

Show your support for the ‘other’ candidates in this presidential race on Super Tuesday with Busted Tees’ Super Tuesday Sale.

Stewart, Hillary, Gore and Cheney are all just $12, though can you really put a price on political pride?

[Busted Tees]

…Tcritic is critical?

Lucky Threadz Vs Busted TeesTcritic put Lucky Threadz and Busted Tees in a head to head showdown to see who would come out on top when working with similar designs, and a winner was chosen despite the close contest.

To read the very thorough rundown, and to see who was victorious, you’ll have to click the link.

[Busted Tees]

[Lucky Threadz]

[Tcritic – The Funny Shirt Showdown]

…Busted Tees are jokes you can wear?

Busted Tees Banner

Busted Tees is a site for those brightly colored joke tee shirts with some sort of message scrawled across the front for the world to see and laugh at, but I’d say it’s definitely one of the better ones. Jesus hates the Yankees.

Busted Tees Tees

[Busted Tees]

…Special Christmas Boxes are available on tees?

Dick In A Box Tee

Show your love for the Special Christmas Box with this shirt from Busted Tees. It’s a preorder, so unfortunately you can’t give it as a Christmas gift, but if you can’t come up with anything, all you really need is a box, right?

[Busted Tees]

[Via: Tcritic]