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…The Flipside is a wallet that can do anything?

Flipside 2.0 Wallet

The Flipside 2.0 is an RFID blocking, card/cash organizing, secure locking, assisted opening, multi-colored masterpiece of a wallet, and to top it all off, it’ll only set you back $39.95.


…It’s TGI Friday: The Game Crafter?

The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter lets you take your idea and turn it into a self published game with your own board, pawns, cards, decks, dice, tokens and more.

Once you create your game, you can also sell it through the site, allowing you to make a profit from your very first sale.

[The Game Crafter]

…Adobe loves to play with cards?

Adobe Cards

Adobe’s Creative License website (AKA “Cards”) is a beautiful sales tool for their newest Creative Suite.

Does it move you?

[Adobe Cards]

[Via: Computerlove]

…It’s Things Thursday: Custom 52?

Custom 52

Custom 52 wants to know what the art world can do with a deck of cards.

“Meant to inspire and bring together the artistic community in a new and exciting way”, Custom 52 is “an online design community using playing cards as [a] canvas.”

Artists submit their ideas, and then the public votes to pick the best ones. The top 52 designs are then printed onto a deck of playing cards that “everyone can enjoy and spread across the land.”

It’s an interesting idea, and the first cycle of cards are amazingly creative and beautiful, so spice up your next poker night with a set of Custom 52s.

[Custom 52]

[Via: Josh Spear]