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…Jeep wants you to lick ’till you’re sick?

Sweetest Day Jeep

This seems like a silly idea: To celebrate Sweetest Day (Thursday, October 18), seven contestants will “lick their way through one of seven chocolate-covered Jeep vehicles”. The first two to finish will then race to candy filled Jeep Liberty’s in search of the keys to a brand new Jeep. (And heartburn)

That idea seems like a bit much to me.

Would you lick the chocolate off of the body of a Jeep for a chance to drive away in it, or is this stomach-turning task too much to ask?

[Jeep – Sweetest Day]

…Squid taste great covered in chocolate?

Chocolate Covered Squid

Looking for an original food idea to impress your next dinner date with? Well, if they’ve got a strong stomach and a willingness to try anything, why not cook up a batch of homemade Chocolate Covered Squid. That’s right, the real thing, direct from the sea, then covered in chocolate. Tasty.

[Instructables – Chocolate Covered Squid]