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…Pinstriped Stars Wars shirts look good?

Star Wars Chop Shop

These new shirts from Chop Shop combine pinstriping and Star Wars (for what is probably the first time ever).

If you’re a car nerd and a regular nerd, then look good by combining your two passions in your fashion.

[Chop Shop]

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…Chop Shop makes nerd clothing?

Chop Shop

The Chopping Block, a site that promises “world domination through graphic design”, has opened the Chop Shop, a collection of “clothing that satisfied your nerdy cravings”. They aren’t kidding when they say that this stuff is nerd attire, so if that’s your style, you may have found a new way to fill your closet. If not, it’s at least worth a look to see their clever site design. Choose now.

[Chop Shop]

[The Chopping Block]

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