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…You can fold your own finger puppet candidate?

Obama Finger Puppet

Sure they’re touring the country, but for up close and personal interviews about issues that matter, nothing beats folding your own presidential candidate and turning them into a finger puppet.

Debates just got a whole lot more interactive.

[Fold US Candidate]

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…JetDelegate will decide the race?


JetDelegate is an interesting JetMan game turned political tool where players pick the candidate they would like to play as from Obama, McCain, and Clinton, and their final score is added to that candidate’s total.

It’s more social experiment than accurate survey, but that doesn’t mean the numbers aren’t interesting.

How far will your candidate fly?

[Facebook – JetDelegate]

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…I’m voting for John Barnes?

You can keep Hillary, Barack and McCain, because I’ve made my decision: I’m voting John Barnes for President!

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