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…The Beginning looks great?

Combine Tony Hawk’s and Shaun White’s forces, and the world might not be ready for the result.

The new Birdhouse video, called “The Beginning”, features the dynamic duo doing their thing on a super-ramp that they built out in the desert, and some of the scenes are truly breathtaking:

Other appearances in the video include Matt Ball, Steve Nesser, Brian Sumner, Willy Santos, Jeremy Klein, Jean Postec, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, David Loy, Sean Eaton, Shaun Gregoire, Randy Ploesser, Derek Burdette, Riley Hawk and Nate Lacoste.

[Note: You may recognize this video from the Website Wednesday: Shred or Die post. This one is the extended version however, and features a lot more Hawk and White action.]

[Birdhouse – The Beginning]

…Lewis Lavoie makes mural mosaics?

Mural Mosaic Adam

Lewis Lavoie’s Mural Mosaics are amazing pieces of art that are created by combining separate paintings into one masterpiece mural.

(These remind me of the album art advertisements.)

To see how he does it, watch the following video, where he is creating Adam, seen above.

[Mural Mosaics]

[Via: The Presurfer]