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…The Oatmeal will teach you about coffee?

The Oatmeal is one of my new favorite sites, and it’s post like “15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee” that make it a winner.

15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

Did you know that George Washington invented instant coffee? Neither did I!

Make sure you click through and read the whole comic for facts like that and more.

[The Oatmeal – 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee]

…Flickr is reenacting the Far Side?

Far Side Reenactment

Fans of Gary Larson and his Far Side comics should appreciate the Far Side Reenactments pool on Flickr.

In it, fans recreate their favorite comics using original or retouched photos that mimic Larson’s famous drawings, and the results are often impressively accurate and surprisingly funny.

[Flickr – Far Side Reenactment Pool]

[Photo Via: Capt. Tim]

…Philias can be fun?


People get aroused by the strangest things, and though it’s tough to imagine what’s going through the mind of a somnophiliac as they get aroused by watching someone else sleep or a dacryphiliac as they get turned on by the thought of making someone else cry, it’s actually kind of funny to see it all in comic form.

Dustin Glick’s Fun World of Philias details 25 strange and unusual ways to get your rocks off, and adds enough hearts to almost make you forget your watching an apotemnophiliac get turned on from the thought of having a limb amputated.


[Dustin Glick – The Fun World Of Philias]

[Via: Cracked]

…Diesel Sweeties is now free?

Diesel Sweeties

Diesel Sweeties (a fantastic web comic) is celebrating its 8th birthday by releasing the entire archive (nearly 2,000 comics) for free via Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. (You are free to non-commercially redistribute, archive and share in any format you like as long as you don’t edit the comics or remove credit and links.)

Volume One is out now, and a new volume will be released each week until the entire collection is available, so prepare to get out the reading glasses and become a fan of DS all over again.

[Diesel Sweeties]

…Grapefruit is the worst fruit?

Fuck Grapefruit

I love this comic from xkcd, titled simply “Fuck Grapefruit”.

So simple, yet so informative!

[Via: xkcd]