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…The Internet is having a party?

The Internet Party

Cracked’s Internet Party is a fantastic spoof of what would happen if you took various website personalities and put them in a room together.

Digg it, sell it, and poke it, because this party’s going to be crazy.

[Cracked – The Internet Party]

…English ain’t easy?

Girls Reading Books

The English language is by no means easy, which is why so many people butcher it so badly.

Unfortunately, even if you’re familiar with the words that are in common use, you’re probably still led astray by common misunderstandings.

Dick Scale

To clear up some of the confusion, Cracked has put together a list of the 9 Words That Don’t Mean What You Think, and included a dick scale so you can see just how big of a dick you are if you correct people on each mistake.

Irregardless of the ironic titles, I think that for this post, I’m going to peruse the Internet until I can find something better; because it’s deceptively simple to rely on the plethora of info that’s out there.


[Cracked – 9 Words That Don’t Mean What You Think]

…Some celebrities are terrifying?

Britney Spears

Sometimes, celebrities can’t seem to keep it together.

Whether it’s the paparazzi, the partying, or the pregnancies, it’s tough to be famous.

If you’re looking for proof, then check out Cracked’s list of The 7 Most Terrifying Celebrity Transformations.

Featuring some of the fastest falls from grace, it’s a list that reminds you to be thankful for what you have: Sanity.

[Cracked – The 7 Most Terrifying Celebrity Transformations]

…Food can be scarry?

Baby Mice Wine

Think adding extra Fire sauce to your Taco Bell tacos makes your food scary?

Then check out the six most terrifying foods in the world.

Guaranteed to turn your stomach, these are an easy way to loose an appetite.

Seconds, anyone?

[Cracked – The Six Most Terrifying Foods In The World]

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