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…Chris Piascik makes doodle magic?

Chris Piascik

Chris Piascik is a master of the doodle and a lover of the Sharpie. (Just check out his arm.) With an almost meditative ease he can turn a blank canvas into a creature-filled work of art, and the process becomes even more magical when sped up and put to music. Enjoy:

Chris Piascik from Quarter Productions on Vimeo.

[Via: Boing Boing]

…It’s Movie Monday: Zapping?


Zapping is a cute short about a little creature and his quest to turn on the TV:

…Papervision brings a virtual creature to life?


This “Papervision” creature is quite possibly the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time. I kid you not that when I first got it to work, I felt like I was playing around in the future.

To get your own, just visit this page and download and print the required symbol. Then, point your webcam at the symbol and watch the creature spring to life.

It works in real time, so you can move either the camera or the symbol all around and the creature will react accordingly, and it’s even aware of depth, so you can move the symbol close to or away from the camera, and the creature will grow or shrink as if it was a real object.


[Boffswana – Papervision]