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…Retro Reality brings video games to life?

Retro Reality Excite Bike

RETROnoob’s Retro Reality series of photos is a wildly imaginative idea.

By taking classic video game characters and Photoshopping them into actual pictures, they take on a realism that is somewhat creepy yet definitely cool.

[deviantART – RETROnoob – Retro Reality]

[Via: Neatorama]

…Cat Ladies and ManBabies are creepy?

Cat Ladies And ManBabies

Cat Ladies and ManBabies are perhaps the creepiest meme to ever set foot in the world wide web.

The process is simple (swap faces/heads in Photoshop) but the results are a little odd to say the least.

[Cat Ladies]


[Via: Neatorama]

…Stewie Griffin has been untooned?

Pixeloo’s latest untooning is Stewie Griffin, and it’s equally if not more creepy than the first few:

Stewie Griffin Untooned

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

[Via: Pixeloo]

…Jessica Rabbit has been untooned?

After doing Mario:

Mario Untooned

And Homer:

Homer Untooned

Pixeloo set his sights on Jessica Rabbit, and her “untoon” turned out to be just as creepy as the first two:

Jessica Rabbit Untooned

Apparently Stewie Griffin is next, so keep and eye out for the rest of the untooned series.

[Pixeloo – Jessica Rabbit Untooned]

…It’s Movie Monday: Creepy Commercials?

The creepy commercial resurgence has begun!

First, there was The King:

Then, Piñata Man:

The Tongue:

And now, even Chester the Cheetos cat has gone creepy:

When will it end?