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…The Hipster has evolved?

Hipster Evolution

Paste Magazine’s Evolution of the Hipster is a hilarious look at the growth of the hipster culture from 2000 through today, including its emergence from the emo, a stop at the scenester, and the current meta-nerd trend.

Are you cool enough to pretend you’re not cool?

[Paste Magazine – Evolution of the Hipster]

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…The Whip will redefine showboarding?

The Whip

When Cheetah Ultra Sports set out to build a new snowboard, they weren’t worried about lifestyles, cultures or snazzy graphics. Their goal was entirely technical: To design and build a better snowboard without rules or limitations of any kind.

Four years later, and after countless hours of research and development, they think they’ve reached that goal with The Whip FR-117, aka The Lamborghini of Snowboards.

According to Cheetah, The Whip will:

  • Fit better.
  • Feel lighter.
  • Go faster.
  • Cruise smoother.
  • Turn quicker.
  • Edge harder.
  • Carve sharper.
  • Jump higher.
  • Land softer.

And it will do all that without chatter, and without heel or toe drag. They’re even claiming that most experienced riders will have to relax their riding style just to get greater performance out of the board, because it’s so easy to ride.

The key to The Whip’s performance is an open V hull that is specifically designed for speed and maneuverability. They board is made out of wood, plastic, steel edges and carbon composite, and by reducing the amount of board that comes in contact with the snow, this smaller surface creates less drag, which translates into more gliding speed, better maneuverability, quicker edge-to-edge transitions, and more.

For now, The Whip is being hand made in very limited production, and each board is carefully hand crafted and will include an individual serial number, so if you want one, get your name on the waiting list and put down $1899 for a pre-order, and you’ll be killing the slopes in no time.

[Cheetah Ultra Sports – The Whip]

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…Tokidoki Mimobots are now available?

Tokidoki Mimobots

Mimoco’s latest series of Mimobot designer USB flash drives is a partnership with Simone Legno’s tokidoki brand, and features the monkey-adorned Meletta, Italian devil chef Pastaio, and treasure-hunting Pirate Nero.

    Meaning “sometimes” in Japanese, tokidoki was named because of Simone’s love for Japanese culture and because he believes “everyone waits for moments that change one’s destiny.”

As always, they come preloaded with desktop icons, wallpapers, avatars, soundBytes, and an issue of the MimoZine digital magazine.

Now available for pre-order.

[Mimoco – Mimobots – Tokidoki]

…Some delicacies are cruel and controversial?


Each culture has a different definition of the word delicacy, but some are more cruel and controversial than others.

Trifter has gathered up The 8 Most Cruel & Controversial World Delicacies into one list, but unless you’ve got a strong stomach, you might want to skip this one, as most of these are definitely not PG13.

You’ve been warned.

[Trifter – The 8 Most Cruel & Controversial World Delicacies]

…Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka is porn music for the masses?

Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music For The Masses

Looking for something a bit “different” to add to your music collection?

Then check out a set of compilations called Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music for the Masses.

Featuring “unique cultural and geographic” spins on the classic sound, it’s meant to fuel “a range of emotions from lust to disgust”.

Can you dig it?

[Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music For The Masses – Volume One]

[Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music For The Masses – Volume Two]

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