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…It’s Movie Monday: The Great American Detour?

The Great American Detour

As America heads towards a change it can believe in, real issues effecting real people become more important than ever. To see what’s on the minds of young Americans all across the ‘flyover states’, Current put Lauren Cerre on a bus from Los Angeles to New York, and created The Great American Detour.

The result is a collection of the actual issues that will determine the future of America, told in a voice that is very different from the pundits and the polls that dominate most on-air time screen time:

…We can’t live without China?

Boycott Beijing

I thought Stuart Carlson’s political cartoon about the current struggle to boycott the Beijing Olympics was a pretty accurate take on the real issue: It’s hard to honestly boycott something that we rely so heavily upon.

Perhaps the we need to start a little closer to home?

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[Via: Stuart Carlson]

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