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…Some delicacies are cruel and controversial?


Each culture has a different definition of the word delicacy, but some are more cruel and controversial than others.

Trifter has gathered up The 8 Most Cruel & Controversial World Delicacies into one list, but unless you’ve got a strong stomach, you might want to skip this one, as most of these are definitely not PG13.

You’ve been warned.

[Trifter – The 8 Most Cruel & Controversial World Delicacies]

…Nissan Cup Noodle is delicious?

Nissan Cup Noodle

NOTCOT recently went Nissin Cup Noodle crazy, so if you’ve ever wondered how they make Cup Noodle, how you can customize your Cup Noodle, what Cup Noodle is doing for the environment, or what Cup Noodle does for advertising, then be sure to check out their VERY comprehensive coverage of the dehydrated delicacy.

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