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…Some t-shirts are good for change?


If you liked the idea behind Designgive’s Cause For Design, then check out GOOD Magazine’s list of additional t-shirt companies that help to make a difference.

Plus, having a t-shirt that is also a tool for change is definitely something that white people like.

[GOOD Magazine – (Not) Ironic T-Shirts]

…Designgive has a cause for design?

Designgive - Cause For Design

Designgive’s Cause For Design is a site for socially conscious clothing where designers can submit designs, and a portion of the proceeds form each item sold are donated to a charity of the buyer’s choosing.

Their current offering is a beautiful tee called “Industrial Re-pollution” by Maciej Rakowski, and only 200 of them will be printed and are being sold on a pre-order basis.

Industrial Re-Pollution

Already their product line is impressive, and their charities are best of breed, so it’s a win-win all around.

[Designgive – Cause For Design]

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