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…Pop Pillows put the silly back in sleep?

Pop Pillows

Matt Jones’ Pop Pillows pillowcases are designed to make sleeping just a little more fun.

Using cleverly placed prints, they can make you look like an angel or a devil, a bloody head or a axe wielder, or even an ear protection wearing, fingers in the ears sleeper who has barely made it through too many nights of snoring, and needs to send a subtle yet effective sign of trouble.

Unfortunately they probably make better photo opps than actual products, but it’s a cute idea, and could definitely be good for a few laughs before a good night’s sleep.

[Matt JOnes Design]

[Spinning Hat]

[Via: LimitedHype]

…The eclipse was evil?

So the pic I posted from the lunar eclipse may have been the most beautiful, but this pic definitely puts the eclipse to some good use:

Lunar Eclipse

[Via: Neatorama]

…Tickle Me Elmo is the Devil?

At some point, this was a Tickle Me Elmo (the TMX version). Now, it’s just the Devil.