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…NOTCOT has a Holiday Coupon Book?

NOTCOT Holiday Coupon Book

If you’re looking for something unique for the gift receivers in your life this holiday season, and you don’t mind saving a few bucks in the process, then check out NOTCOT’s Holiday Coupon Book.

Featuring stores like Sorapot, Mimoco, Alex & Chloe, Baggu, Diesel Sweeties, Hulger, Maker Shed, Shawnimals and more, it’s the perfect way to shop and save.

[NOTCOT – Holiday Coupon Book]

…Diesel Sweeties is now free?

Diesel Sweeties

Diesel Sweeties (a fantastic web comic) is celebrating its 8th birthday by releasing the entire archive (nearly 2,000 comics) for free via Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. (You are free to non-commercially redistribute, archive and share in any format you like as long as you don’t edit the comics or remove credit and links.)

Volume One is out now, and a new volume will be released each week until the entire collection is available, so prepare to get out the reading glasses and become a fan of DS all over again.

[Diesel Sweeties]

…Diesel Sweeties doesn’t like Facebook?

Diesel Sweeties - Facebook

I’m an avid un-fan of Facebook’s current clutter phase, so I was more than pleased to see Diesel Sweeties cutting down the giant in their latest comic.

Plus, this comic throws in a few quick jabs at the other social networks while it’s at it.

I guess you don’t want to waste a good thing!

[Diesel Sweeties – Social Nerdwanking]