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…Chris Piascik makes doodle magic?

Chris Piascik

Chris Piascik is a master of the doodle and a lover of the Sharpie. (Just check out his arm.) With an almost meditative ease he can turn a blank canvas into a creature-filled work of art, and the process becomes even more magical when sped up and put to music. Enjoy:

Chris Piascik from Quarter Productions on Vimeo.

[Via: Boing Boing]

…It’s Things Thursday: Walls Notebook?

Walls Notebook

The Walls Notebook is a sketchbook that’s filled with 80 ‘clean’ New York City walls for you to write, paste, draw or doodle on.

Walls Notebook

The interesting and inspirational backdrops are meant to serve as a blank slate for the graffiti artist inside of you to create upon, and with a little practice, you’ll be giving Shepard Fairey a run for his money in no time.

[Walls Notebook]

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…Stains are fashionable?


Stickystains, another great idea from Shay Alkalay, is a set of iron-on stickers that transform the new stain on your used to be clean shirt into an attractive doodle. Now a stain is just the start of a creation.

[Shay Alkalay – Stickystains]