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…It’s TGI Friday: Square Meal?

Square Meal

Square Meal is another fantastic game from Nitrome that puts you in charge of a troll as you clear each level of enemies to escape the dungeon!!

To defeat enemies, you must eat them, but before you can eat them, you need to stun them by hitting them with blocks that you spit at them.

As is to be expected, not all blocks behave the same, and some enemies will charge or even block your blocks, and the dungeons are often booby-trapped or “slippy”, so you need to watch your step.

Are you ready for a square meal?

[Nitrome – Square Meal]

…It’s TGI Friday: Pringles Golf?

Pringles Golf

With a Pringles can, a box cutter, and a little bit of time, you too can make your own mini-golf holes that are perfect for both quick games and extended competitions.

Just remember to eat the Pringles first!

[Instructables – Pringles Golf]

…Lifehacker wants to put you to sleep?


Trying to improve your Zs?

The check out Lifehacker’s Top 10 Ways to Sleep Smarter and Better.

From exercising and eating to napping and dreaming, it’s a how-to guide that is guaranteed to put you to sleep.

Are you ready?

[Lifehacker – Top 10 Ways To Sleep Smarter And Better]