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…It’s Movie Monday: Firekites – Autumn Story?

Firekites – Autumn Story is a beautifully animated music video that was made using chalk.

The erased chalk creates a kind of halo around everything, and the overall effect is very unique and interesting, so I suggest you check it out:

…YouTube smokes?

Burning Cigarette

It’s not exactly the most entertaining set of YouTube videos, but Rafael Rozendaal’s Burning Cigarette is definitely a unique use of the medium.

Start the videos as fast as you can from right to left to get the full effect.

[Rafael Rozendaal – Burning Cigarette]

[Via: The Presurfer]

…Photos can be fun without edits?

Tell A Lie

Considering last week’s Iranian missile story, I though that Henry Hadlow’s Tell A Lie project was rather fitting:

    The most controversial lies told with photography today are those told by news photographers who manipulate their work photographs to tell a different story, for example, Liu Weiqiang‘s faked photograph of antelope and the China-Tibet rail link.

He also ads that he wanted to “flip this lie on its head and use a camera to mimic common Photoshop effects”.

Along those same lines, I thought that Fubiz’s Google Images idea was another fantastic way to take a photo with a digital spin that gives it a simple yet fun effect:

Google Images

[Henry Hadlow – Tell A Lie]

[Fubiz – Google Images]

…Javan Ivey is a Stratastencil master?

Javan Ivey’s My Paper Mind video is an interesting experiment in using the Stratastencil technique that he developed to make a movie.

Based after the Stratacut technique, Stratastencil is an additive process that adds layers onto each other while still showing the layer before it.

The result is an interesting time lapse meets three-dimensional effect that looks quite cool:

[Javan Ivey – My Paper Mind]


…Light trails look good at night?

Light Trails

The light trail is a beautiful addition to any nighttime shot, so if you’d like to add this style to your skill set, then head on over to Digital Photography School and read up on their guide to shooting light trails.

The basic idea is a long exposure and a narrow aperture, but there’s a lot that you can do to add to the effect.

[Digital Photography School – How To Shoot Light Trails]

[Photo Via: Fishtail@Taipei]