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…Camera cars are crazy?

Camera Cars

Take a car (or truck, or motorcycle, or Hummer, or R/C car, or whatever), paint it matte black (to reduce glare), add in aftermarket performance upgrades, elaborate electronics, exotic materials, and gyro-stabilizers, and what do you get?

Camera cars, that’s what.

Oobject has put together a list of 12 of the coolest movie industry camera cars to date, including those from Pursuit Systems, AP Cam Cars, Go Stunts and more, and it’s a must see if you’d enjoy a look behind the scenes of some of your favorite on screen automotive moments.

[OObject – 12 Movie Industry Camera Cars]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Forbes smokes the wacky weed?

Forbes Weed

Here’s a list that I never thought I would see from the likes of Forbes: The Most Exotic Brands Of Weed. From Strawberry Cough ($25 per gram) to Chemdog ($35 per gram), it’s a potent slideshow of NORML goods. Just remember, when asked, simply say: “I did not inhale”.

[Forbes – The Most Exotic Brands Of Weed]

[Via: Luxist]