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…Jon Dyer loves facial hair?


According to the official chart of facial hair types, there are 34 different types of facial hair.

According to Jon Dyer, he’s done 24 of them so far, and plans to continue until his face has featured each one.

Check out his blog for a documentation of his quest.

[Jon Dyer’s Blog – The Quest For Every Beard Type]

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…It’s Moustache May?

Moustache May

If you missed out on Moustache March, then worry not, because Mustache May has only just begun.

The Rules are simple:

You Moustache May:

  1. Have / Grow a glorious moustache.
  2. Post one image per day.
  3. Bolster support via Fund-A-Stache.
  4. Participate in frequent shenanigans.

You Moustache MayNot:

  1. Go more than one week without posting.
  2. Detract from your moustache with other overly prominent facial hair.
  3. Be mean spirited, vulgar, or socially inappropriate.
  4. Photoshop your images. Let’s keep it classy.

In addition to just growing your moustache, there’s also the Moustache Mayor and Hall of Shame to check out, so be sure to stop by the site.

Are you ready to show the world what your moustache is made of?

[Moustache May]

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…Your facial hair is trying to tell you something?

Beard Alphabet

The Beard Alphabet is a fantastic example of an off-the-wall typeface that works extremely well.

Anyone want to grow these out for real?

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