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…Sports can be sexy?

Sexy Athletes

Need a new reason to watch sports?

Then check out Sand & Cotton’s list of the 12 Sexiest Female Athletes.

Featuring 12 of the top women from various sports, it’s proof positive that beauty and brawn can go together quite nicely.

[(NSFW) Sand & Cotton: 12 Of The Sexiest Female Athletes]

…Women love San Francisco?

San Francisco Sunset

For San Francisco bound female travelers, Girlfriend Getaways put together a guide to the city, and made quite a few interesting choices. Gridskipper’s got a summary, and with destinations like Bourbon and Branch, Nopa, True Sake, and Kabuki Springs and Spa, you’ll be more than busy by staying off the beaten path.

[Gridskipper – Women’s Guide To San Francisco]

[Photo Via: Bob Jagendorf]