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…Stefan Bucher drew a daily monster?

Daily Monster

Daily Monster is Stefan G. Bucher’s quest to draw one monster per day for 200 days.

Each monster starts out as an inkblot, and then Stefan adds to that blot until it starts to take on a character of its own. Then, users can submit a back-story for the monster, and Stefan picks some of the best and publishes them on his blog.

Each monster features the accompanying video where you can watch Stefan work his magic, and it’s impressive to watch each one take shape.

On May 2, Stefan drew the final monster in the series, so check out his site for a look at each one of the 200 monsters.

[Daily Monster]

[Flickr – Daily Monster Group]

…The World’s Dirtiest Film is finished?

David Spade’s The World’s Dirtiest Film is now finished, and features his own footage combined with the footage that was sent in by coeds across the country.

I wouldn’t exactly call it high-class entertainment, but it gets the job done for Axe, so I guess it’s a winner.

[CollegeHumor – The World’s Dirtiest Film]