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…You need to watch A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything?

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything is a flipbook style animation made with just biro pens and about 2100 pages spanned across 50 jotter books, and it took the artist roughly three weeks to complete. After watching it though, I’d say that was time well spent:

…It’s Movie Monday: Videogioco-Loop Experiment?

If you liked the Parkour Motion Reel, then check out the Videogioco-Loop Experiment by Donato Sansone, which features an awesome soundtrack and a hilarious storyline:

The more I see of this flipbook style stop motion, the more I like it!

…Gregory Barsamian makes flip book sculptures?

Gregory Barsamian

Gregory Barsamian makes sculptures that act like 3D flipbooks by harnessing humans’ persistence of vision.

[Gregory Barsamian]

[Via: Orange Juice]