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…The Toyota iQ has its own font?

iQ Font Car

For Toyota’s new iQ, they wanted to do something a little different with the car, so they used it to create a font. (Yes, you read that right. A font.)

The process involved a lot of stunt driving and some interesting software to put it all together, but the end result is actually pretty good looking:

iQ Font

[iQ Font]

…Skinographie looks like painful letters?


Skinographie is probably the most painful looking font I’ve ever seen. and sure to be a favorite of the S&M crowd!

[Via: Ignant]

…Typocalypse knows more about your fonts than you do?


Font-ophiles beware: Typocalypse knows what you’re thinking.

By analyzing each font and what it’s typically used for, Lars Willem Veldkampf’s set of Flickr photos dives into the subliminal messages these fonts are feeding you.

[Flickr – Typocalypse]

[Via: Drawn!]

…Nir Tober writes with fire?

Nir Tober - Fire Poi Typography

Nir Tober’s Fire Letters is a fantastic use of flames to create a rather unique font.

Apparently each letter took between 30 and 50 takes to get right, and it took about 15 hours over 2 sessions to get everything just right, with the final result being the un-Photoshopped images that you see here.

[Nir Tober – Fire Poi Typography]

[Via: Like Cool]

…Fonts are fun?


Though I’m admittedly not a fontophile, these two, called Value Pack (by Robert Bolesta) and Alphabet Truck (by Eric Tabuchi), are definitely typography gone right.

[Value Pack Via: Slashfood]

[Alphabet Truck Via: Lens Culture]