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…241543903 is a cold number?


If you do a Google Image Search or a Flickr Search for the number “241543903”, you’ll see pictures of people with their heads in their freezer.


Why not?

[Via: David Horvitz Via: Laughing Squid]

…You can make your own swan ice sculpture?

Swan Ice Sculpture

When I think of a fancy party table, I think of a fancy ice sculpture centerpiece, which is why this DIY Swan Ice Sculpture Kit is the perfect way to class up any party.

Simply fill it with water, toss it in the freezer, and wait.

In a few hours, you’ll have a centerpiece that is sure to impress any guest; though it’s going to be tough to explain how you carved the small details with a chainsaw.

Tip: To make the ice clear, just boil the water a few times:

[Fred Flare – DIY Swan Ice Sculpture Kit]

[Via: Trend Hunter]