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…Papercraft goes straight to the heart?

Papercraft Heart

Believe it or not, this geared heart is made entirely of paper, and definitely takes papercraft to a whole new level.

Don’t believe me?

Watch the vid (and prepare to be amazed):

[Via: Haruki Nakamura Via: Drawn!]

…MASH makes fixed gear bikes look like fun?


When I heard the words ‘fixed gear bikes’ and ‘DVD’ used together, I had my doubts about how good a movie about the somewhat artsy bikes could be, but after watching the trailer, I will humbly accept defeat.

Despite a lack of gears, pegs, shocks, or comfort of any kind normally associated with trick bikes, the Mash SF crew manages to make this sport look like a ton of fun.

The DVD includes their hour-long feature film, an extra hour of outtakes, and a 120-page book of project photos and explanations.

Why wait? Pre-order now.


[Via: High Snobiety]