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…Core77 is a giver of gifts?

Core77 Design GiftsIf you’re still looking for gift ideas for the holiday season, then check out Core77’s list of 77 Design Gifts Under $77.

It’s filled with great ideas, and the budget doesn’t limit the amount of cool that you can give, so shop away.

[Core77 Design Blog – 77 Design Gifts Under $77]

…MacSanta is bringing coupon code cheer?


MacSanta is back, and he’s bringing gifts for all good Mac users.

Each day through December 24th, MacSanta will list a new set of Mac programs, and you can save 20% off of each of them with the coupon code “MACSANTA07”.

Plus, even after the 20% deal ends, extended deals allow you to save 10% on all participants throughout December with the coupon code “MACSANTA07TEN”.

Just remember: He knows when you are sleeping…


[Via: MacGourmet News]

…The Senate’s candy desk might be no more?

Candy Desk

Since the late sixties, a Senate desk on the Republican side in a heavily trafficked area near the elevators has been known as the candy desk due to its constantly being filled with candy from the owner’s state. Rules state that senators can give gifts worth less than $100 to other senators as long as the items are produced in the senator’s home state and are used primarily by people other than the senator or his staff. Problem is, the new owner of the candy desk is Senator Craig Thomas, a Republican from Wyoming, a state definitely not known for its sweets. What will happen to the beloved candy desk now? According to the senator’s spokesman: “I’m sure we’ll get through it somehow”. Sweet.

[Wall Street Journal]

[Via: Candy Blog]