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…Some t-shirts are good for change?


If you liked the idea behind Designgive’s Cause For Design, then check out GOOD Magazine’s list of additional t-shirt companies that help to make a difference.

Plus, having a t-shirt that is also a tool for change is definitely something that white people like.

[GOOD Magazine – (Not) Ironic T-Shirts]

…USPS is impressive?


Mail is a magical thing.

You handwrite an address on an envelope and attach a stamp to the outside, and a few days later your letter arrives exactly where it’s supposed to be.

So how does the USPS manage to handle 703 million pieces of mail per day?

Good Magazine has put together an impressive graphic representation of a comparison between FedEx, UPS, DHL and the USPS, and the numbers are staggering:

    700,000 employees, $73 billion revenue, 37,000 post offices, and 216,000 vehicles, all to deliver you your bills, Netflix, and credit card offers.

Rain, sleet or snow indeed.

[Good Magazine – How Our Mail Gets To Us]