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…Cupcakes can look meaty?

Hamburger Cupcakes

I’m always amazed by the things people can do with deserts.

These cupcakes have been made to look like little hamburgers, with vanilla cupcake buns, chocolate cupcake burger patties, green coconut lettuce, frosting mustard and ketchup, and little sesame seeds held on with a brushing of orange juice.

Genius, and delicious!

[Smiley’s Sweets And Creations – Little Slider Cupcakes]


…Joy Campia’s work looks tasty?

Joy Campia

It’s always been said that you are what you eat, but if you’ve ever wanted to look like what you eat too, then check out the crochet work of Joy Campia.

[Joy Campia]

[Via: Spluch]

…Coasters can be cool?

American Burger Coaster Set

Coasters are usually not the most exciting things to decorate your house with, but the American Burger Coaster Set is not just a usual coaster set. Each of the six layers separates and functions as an individual coaster, keeping those lasting impressions known as water rings off of your furniture.

[American Burger Coaster Set]

[Via: Coolest Gadgets]